Final Project

Part 1 -Photojournalism

For this part of the project, I decided to go interview some of the owners of the stands at the Saturday Market.


DSC00132Photo 1.jpg

Iso 100 28mm f8.0 1/250sec

How did you get into this?

“I started doing this before you were in college. I got great at crafting plates and ever since then I haven’t stopped. It helped me throughout college but I don’t know what I did to deserve this 40 years later. I must’ve done something bad in my past life haha.”

DSC00096Photo 1.jpg

Iso 100 f5.6 46mm 1/100sec

How come you haven’t started selling your products yet?

“The time isn’t right, the crowd I’m aiming for doesn’t usually arrive till noon or later. I’m just trying to stay warm and hold my spot because they fill up fast.”

DSC00094Photo 1.jpg

Iso 100 28mm f6.3 1/160sec

What’s your morning like?

“Basically consists of waking up early around six and hoping I make it to downtown on time. It’s been a real struggle lately but I just have to keep trying.”

Part 2 – Blue

DSC00160Photo 1.jpg

Iso 100 28mm f4.5 1/1000sec

Saw this at a high school while walking my dog.

DSC00184Photo 1.jpg

Iso 100 28mm f4.5 1/640 sec

My friend told me there was a blue skatepark and I didn’t believe him. But he proved me wrong. The Bud light was found near a recycle bin.

DSC00164Photo 1.jpg

Iso 100 39mm f9.0 1/160sec




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